This site has been designed as a focal point for players of the 'Traditional Scottish Fiddle Style' around the World. On this page you should find links to various groups that practise regularly and play at and for sessions, dances, concerts and the like. These organisations are located in all parts of the world (from Australia to the US, and Zanzibar, if they have one) and if you know of one that it not entered on this site please let me (the webmaster) know of a contact who can provide a web address and a bitmap of their logo.

In time links to individual fiddlers and groups will come as demand requires and if you are a member of a group who would like to be added, do let me know, there is no current charge (well a CD would be nice).

Please note that the email address included on this page needs to have an obvious phrase removed for it to work. This is a simple, and poor, attempt to frustrate the purveyors of spam

Sydney Scottish Fiddlers
Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club
Canberra Scottish Fiddle Club
Adelaide Scottish Fiddle Club